About CS 007

CS 007: Personal Finance for Engineers is a Stanford course being offered during the 2022-23 academic year at Stanford University. This is the sixth year it has been offered.

CS 007 is an introduction to the fundamentals and analysis specifically needed by engineers to make informed and intelligent financial decisions. The course focuses on actual industry-based financial information from technology companies and realistic financial issues. Topics include: behavioral finance, budgeting, debt, compensation, stock options, investing and real estate. No prior finance or economics experience required.

The course is led by Adam Nash, who is serving asĀ Adjunct Lecturer.

Adam Nash graduated from Stanford with BS & MS degrees in Computer Science, with an emphasis in Human-Computer Interaction. He also holds an MBA from Harvard.

More information about Adam Nash’s career and accomplishments can be found on LinkedIn. You can follow him on Twitter @adamnash.